China reports on US human rights record
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Weibo 2010-03-13 04:55
 The US propaganda media and the US government control the news in the US. See recent news.

Toyota revealed its faulty parts were made by a US company, CTS Corp, based in Elkhart, Ind. The US company has a manufacturing center in Canada.

Factual news reveal ALL cars have rare, dangerous problems, but only Toyota and Honda was blamed by Western propaganda media and by dishonest US government.

When the West says freedom, you have to read the fine print. Freedom for the West means they have freedom do do, think,and say whatever they want and the world must obey, or the world is a "terrorist, dictator, oppressor, liar, thief, war criminal, etc" and the world must be "liberated" with slaughter, torture, rape, poisoning, smearing, and stealing and taught "rights, justice, liberty, and democracy."

When the West says "financial problems" the truth is the West is struggling to succeed in a new world where the world refuses another 500 years of Western exploitation.
me 2010-03-13 03:24
 "If China could do this report without lacing it with over the top childish comments the rest of the world might take the report seriously. But, Chinese are like children, it's a pity. "

Some people/nations (Americans) can dish criticism but can't take it without childish retorts.
Foreigner 2010-03-13 02:45
 Yes, please keep up the good work China Daily.
Danny 2010-03-13 02:22
 Let me just quote Martin Luther King(an American whose Nobel Peace Prize was actually deserved & earned via real deeds striving for Peace, as opposed to the current White House Occupant Obama who escalated wars),
"The U.S. government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today..."
MLK actually said this back in 1964, whereas the Imperialist USA Militarism has only increased its global hegemony and violence since then(especially in the tortures and drone terrorist attacks on civilians overseas!)
Alan L. Maki 2010-03-13 01:39
 It is good that China begins to inform people of human rights abuses in the United States.

Your publication and the Chinese government should investigate the shameful and disgraceful human rights abuses taking place on Indian Reservations here in the United States where at the conclusion of the "Indian Wars" the United States government hearded Native American Indians like cattle onto these "Indian Reservations" where hundreds of thousands of people languish in poverty with not enough to eat, substandard housing often unfit for rats to live in, lack of proper schools and healthcare and where between 60% to 80% of the population lives in poverty generation after generation because racist employers refuse to hire and affirmative action is not enforced by local, state or federal governments.

Here in the State of Minnesota with one of the largest Native American Indian populations in the United States, in spite of all the boasts that this is the world's greatest democracy, not one single Native American Indian sits in the Minnesota State Legislature or among it's U.S. federal Congressional delegation.

I would suggest that your newspaper send a reporter to Minnesota and find out what life is really like for the Native American Indians forced to live on the eleven Indian Reservations here in Minnesota under these disgraceful conditions compliments of the racist genocidal policies intentionally inflicted upon Native American Indians in our country by the state and federal governments.

We are not talking about this or that instance of abuse of human rights; we are talking about the human rights of an entire people being violated day-in-and-day out.

The largest employer of Native American Indians is in the casino industry where workers have no rights in their places of employment and workers are fired for participating in union organizing activities.

Alan L. Maki
Director of Organizing,
Midwest Casino Workers Organizing Council
Petar Germanski 2010-03-13 01:37
 Hey, I usually read China Daily silently, but today, I had to comment. Many people around the World knows that the United States is the worst human rights offenders, but it's not easy to read up on their dirt because mainstream news tends to NOT report it!

Petar from Serbia
Taiyeba Haq 2010-03-13 01:35
 Until the United States leaves Iraq and Afghanistan, I will relentlessly step down and condemn the Americans.

Good work CD~!
JBKane 2010-03-13 01:02
 I didn't know much or detailed U.S Human rights abuses until this report.I know U.S does violate Human rights.It gives me goose flesh and sick to the stomach.

I have a friend whose sister's birth certificate sent through USPS from Philippines was opened by Homeland Security.

Last year, an American friend tested U.S Internet spying in U.S soil.He typed in certain word and we waited and waited.After a while he noticed his lap top was being hacked and he traced it back to Maryland.

Why has the so called Human Rights Watch groups are numb at issues regarding U.S abuses? Does being under Washington payroll helps shutting the smelly mouths of Nicolas Bequelin and Kristoff? YES, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! Many know these two have no credibility as they are controlled and dictated by Washington and probably threatened by CIA.
oversea asian 2010-03-13 01:01
 the very simple folks...the way US works is that they'll find something... anything at all to attack you...therefore your too busy trying to defend those accusations and you wont have the time to attack them and find their weakness, that was the US way in the past...its how they are now and they will always be that way...the best defend is your best offense
Ho Sai Yuen 2010-03-13 00:43
 The trouble with hegemonistic U.S., Japland and Eu is that these despicable foreign powers don't seem to understand that when they point an accusing finger at others, ten or more fingers would be pointing back at them.
Also, these morons preach one thing but behind our backs they just do the opposite...
These condemnable powers must certainly have forgotten this impeccable Golden Rule...!
Down with Pax Americana and its running dogs..the demonic Japs too!
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