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yankey 2012-09-03 07:53
 On the other hand, you may kill a Korean monkey
gtytrf 2012-09-03 05:53
 The Chinese is the disjointedness which I cannot understand
zzd 2012-09-02 22:06
 Diaoyu island is part of china,there is no doubt.
zzd 2012-09-02 22:03
 diaoyu islands is part of chinaļ¼Œthere is no doubt.
WOW 2012-09-02 21:55
 Bash the dirty pigs who want to steal Diaoyu Island under their master protections!
Hello 2012-09-02 20:25
 War should only be the last resort for China, if and when the Chinese who make trips and visits to Diaoyu islands are ATTACKED by the Japs!

The most optimum option open to China now is to encourage and allow as many as possible Chinese citizens to sail freely to the Diaoyu islands to counter the Japs' provocative moves. Since Diaoyu islands belong to China, there's no reason whatsoever the Chinese can't visit these islands at their own will and pleasure. The Chinese government should just provide the Chinese citizens more protection and ensure their safety when visiting these islands. The Chinese navy should be ever-ready anytime and be available to give necessary assistance and protection. This is the best way out to FRUSTRATE the Japs. If the Chinese remain reticent and passive, the Japs will take it for granted that China is a 'paper tiger' without teeth and could only roar without deadly bites!
Just passing... 2012-09-02 19:21
 Chinese self-manufactured weaknesses opportunists Japanese exploits. Nothing wrong, it is all fair in war. Except maybe for inside China, outside China, everyone is aware that China is not unified territorially, ideologically and ethnically. Chinese military strategy itself teaches to strike before an enemy is unified. When part of the Chinese is able to promise outsiders that they will not to co-operate with their fellow Chinese, what do you think the whole listening world thinks of China. A joke? When those living next to those rocks don't even dare put up a decent retaliation other than just temples which could eventually be abandoned, it says a lot about the entire ability of the 1.3 billion, not just on the mainland more importantly those on the island. Today's world no one is that stupid. All one have to do is compare if the Japanese dare to stake its existence by claiming some small Pacific islands and retrieving the Kurils? But Senkaku is no sweat for them. Clearly today's structure is not conducive for the Chinese to ascend if they desire so. Courage is an important play not only in recovering territory immediately but also in pacifying Russia and engaging US for a comprehensive peaceful co-operation. As long as these two are confident that a unified China possess them no threat, they won't bother what China does especially domestically. Anyway there is always an independent EU. More comprehensive engagement with the EU can demonstrate that China is as normal as any country except for its social ideology which in any case is difficult to be duplicated outside East Asia.
Normal People 2012-09-02 19:19
 Ir is understood that Diaoyu Island dispute could spark a war between China and Japan.

Unfortunately, Russia and South Korea are waiting for Japan and China to go to war over it; so that both could occupy more islands belonging to Japan.

Of course, who dare to take from the mouth of the strong its meat!

US will then pretend to settle the issue by selling arms so that the fire temperature will be raised.

Indeed, In God We Trust!

We bring Hell to peace loving people without any good reason but to find another life testing grounds for US military hardware!

You are sure?

Well, bet one to a trillion!
Hello 2012-09-02 16:55
 This is the time-bomb left by the Americans after the WW2 when the Nixon government handed over the Diaoyu islands chain to the Japs. The provocative acts by the Tokyo governor must be condemned and curtailed at all cost! This time-bomb is ticking fast and awaiting to be detonated!

The Chinese government must do something now not just making verbal protests. The Chinese public should organise more trips and more frequently to the Diaoyu islands for visits, tours, picnics, excursions....The PLA navy should provide them with necessary safety and protection. The Chinese people cannot remain reticent and passive any more longer.
Mark 2012-09-02 16:53
 Time for China to stand up to japan. If China let the japs walk away with the Diaoyu Islands, Taiwan will be their next target and history is going to repeat itself. If China thinks this is not the time to fight, at least she has to play her mighty economy cards now.
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